Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sticky Ass Tape, Baby!

SAG International, LLC Debuts Brand New, Stubbornly Strong, Sticky Ass Tape™
American made, weatherproof, waterproof, general purpose duct tape now available from the makers of Sticky Ass Glue and Sticky Jack Glue

Pasadena, CA— SAG International, LLC makers of award winning Sticky Ass Glue, Sticky Jack Glue, and Sticky Jack Super Glue proudly announce the arrival of the latest addition to their stubbornly strong product line of adhesives, Sticky Ass Tape™.

Sticky Ass Tape is a general purpose duct tape boasting a triple thick “Sticky Tack™” adhesive layer, guaranteed to withstand wind gusts up to 200 mph, even when adhered to the roughest materials. The brand new product also boasts “Web Tech™” triple reinforced backing, ensuring the best tensile strength available. “At SAG, we are committed to making certain that all of our products, live up to our reputation for being the most stubbornly strong adhesives available,” says Ron Roth, co-founder of the California based company. “Sticky Ass Tape™ is no exception, and we’re proud that it bonds faster, stronger, and lasts longer than any duct tape on the market.”

To ensure that Sticky Ass Tape™ would be the strongest, longest lasting duct tape available, SAG International LLC, insisted that their tape be completely waterproof and weather proof for up to six months. As such Sticky Ass Tape’s™ top coat shell provides unmatched protection and flexibility in all types of weather, including extreme cold and extended sunlight.

Moreover, according to Roth “We wanted to make sure that Sticky Ass Tape™ would be a multi-use product. That means that it had to bond to the roughest and most diverse materials; particularly those materials that other tapes just won’t work on.” Amongst other materials, Sticky Ass Tape™ will securely bond metals, cements, bricks, stucco, rocks, fiberglass, plastics, wood, glass, asphalt, fabrics and more.

Like all SAG International, LLC products, Sticky Ass Tape™ is proudly and exclusively, made in the U.S.A.

Sticky Ass Tape™ will be available in retail outlets and online, in coming weeks. The black tape roll measures 1.81 inches x 35 yards and features a 13 mils thick adhesive. The product will retail for approximately $11.99.

SAG International, LLC is the maker of the Stubbornly Strong line of adhesive products, including Sticky Ass Glue, Sticky Jack Glue and Sticky Jack Super Glue. All SAG International LLC products are made in America. Perfect for woodworking, crafts, home repair, and DIY projects, SAG International LLC products will successfully bond dozens of porous and nonporous substrates including: Fiberglass, Wood, Stone, PVC, Metal, Ceramic, Plastic, Formica, ABS, Brick, Foams, Styrofoam, Cardboard, FRP Board, Glass, Tile, Concrete, Granite, Travertine and more. Call 877-845-8530 or email visit www.stickyassglue.com

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