Monday, July 27, 2009

Clogged Cap? Here’s How To Clean It!

With polyurethane glues like Sticky Ass Glue and Sticky Jack Glue, unfortunately if the bottles aren’t closed tightly (read: all air removed) after use, the applicator/ or nozzle can become jammed as residual glue cures inside. But that’s no reason to throw out the glue. The remaining glue is perfectly fine to use. But, you will need to clean the cap. Luckily it’s easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how:

1. Twist open the nozzle/applicator. Then pop off the applicator by pulling it from the cap. Use a toothpick, paperclip or tiny nail to pop the hardened glue right out.

2. Unscrew the big cap. (In some instances you may need pliers, if the cap is on really tight). Check the top layer of the glue in the bottle. If it has hardened simply use a screwdriver to pull out the top layer of cured glue. You’ll find the remaining glue is just fine!

3. Get back to work, gluing away!

If you have any difficulties in cleaning the nozzle or underneath the cap, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at and we’ll get right back to you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

We Want To Follow You…On Twitter!

We want to know what you’re up to! Are you building a new deck? Are you remodeling your kitchen? Are you going on vacation? Twiddling your thumbs?

Of course, if you’ve found any unique uses for Sticky Ass Glue, Sticky Jack Glue, or Sticky Jack Super Glue, we’d especially love to hear about it. But most of all, we just want to know what’s new and good with you.

So shoot us an email with your Twitter account and we’ll begin following you today!

Happy Tweeting!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who Says Donkeys Can’t Tweet?

Mules or donkeys aren’t necessarily known for tweeting, but thanks to the power of Twitter, we’re able to do just that. Yep. You can now follow Sticky Ass Glue on Twitter! We’re posting short form (140 characters or less, of course) tips, advice and news about Sticky Ass Glue, Sticky Jack Glue and Sticky Jack Super Glue on Twitter.

Need help finding us? Just do a search for Sticky Ass Glue, and we’ll show up as the Glue Crew. Alternately, our email as you well know is

Not to worry though, we’ll still be here at the keeping you updated on all of the happenings here at Stubbornly Strong Sticky Ass Glue.

Come follow us today! And we’ll look forward to following you as well!

Happy Tweeting!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A is For Amazing…and Amazon

Amazing. That’s how we like to describe our glue. SAG is really an amazing product. Of course you know by now that it’s 100% waterproof, and made right here in the USA. It also foams less than other polyurethanes, and can bond everything from ceramic to brick. That’s pretty amazing. Similarly, Sticky Jack Super Glue is amazing in its own right. Since we triple distilled it, SJSG produces a cleaner, more consistent bond every time you use it.

But you know what’s also amazing? The awesomely amazing has decided to carry our products! Yep, Amazon is now carrying our 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz bottles of SAG and our 10 gram tubes of Sticky Jack Super Glue.

So, when you need amazing results from your glue, remember that you can now find us online at

Wanna chat?

Shoot us an email at

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kayaks, Canoes and Dinghies, Oh My!

Wanna know something cool? Well, of course you do, or else you wouldn’t be here on the Glue Chronicles! So here goes nothing:

Did you know that if your boat, whether plastic, metal or fiberglass is punctured, or otherwise develops a small hole, you can fix that hole for less than ten bucks? Yes, you read right. Sticky Ass Glue and Sticky Jack Glue can be used to fill tiny cracks and holes in your boat. Granted, the glue may not dry to match the exact color, but for the price, you can’t beat this as a quick fix.

And of course, SAG and SJG are both 100% waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about the fill dissolving.

***We don’t recommend using SAG or SJG for holes or punctures bigger in diameter than a dime***

Questions on using our glue to plug a hole in your boat? Shoot us a note at