Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sticky Ass Glue Presents: Halloween Fever

Ok, ok, so Halloween is still a month away. But stores started putting up Halloween displays in August, so we make no apologies for putting up our “display” here just a month ahead of time.

First, we encourage you to think of the safety of the little ones who will be coming to your door begging for a treat (wearing costumes they’re not used to, naturally). Do you have any loose bricks, tile, slate, or even concrete leading to your door? Give the little ones a fighting chance to stay on their toes, by repairing loose steps or walkways. Sticky Ass Glue and Sticky Jack Glue, will securely bond all outdoor materials within just 24 hours.

Also, keep in mind that SAG and SJG are great for crafting and creating your own Halloween decorations and crafts. SAG and SJG will work on plastic (for that skeleton you’re dying to put in your front yard), wood (for the faux tombstones accompanying the skeleton), Styrofoam (without eating away at it so the eyeballs stay put on your homemade Cookie Monster costume) and thick paper (or card stock) for your custom Halloween party invitations. However, if you’re working on projects with children, we’d prefer if you’d handle the gluing part of things.

Here’s to a happy and safe Halloween,

The Glue Crew

Got an idea for a Halloween project that you’d like to get our input on? Email us at glue@stickyassglue.com and we’ll get right back to you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Swifter Setting Polyurethane

Sticky Ass Glue Presents: Sticky Jack Glue…Our Swifter Setting Polyurethane

You asked for it, and we answered. We’re thrilled to let you know that our second product, Sticky Jack Glue is about to be offered in retail stores across the country. What’s the difference between Sticky Ass Glue and Sticky Jack Glue?

Sticky Jack Glue boasts a faster set time. We were able to tweak our formula just a bit, so the set time (clamping time) has been reduced to less than an hour! (Sometimes, as virtuous as patience is, we know you just need to hustle!) That’s why we created SJG; to help all you DIY’ers who need to get a project done ASAP, such as:

• Repairing your spouse’s favorite coffee mug (that you broke the handle off while trying to yank it from the dishwasher).
• Fixing your little one’s toy truck (which you accidentally stepped on while half asleep trying to stumble your way to the coffeemaker at the crack of dawn).
• Repairing that broken shower tile (that just had to break the day you have house guests coming to visit).
• Fixing unsightly broken fence poles (before your in laws get there for dinner).

Questions? Email us at glue@stickyassglue.com and we’ll get right back to you with our advice for how to best use Sticky Jack Glue.

Thanks again, for moseying on by…..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Before Your Store Your Boat For The Winter…

Sticky Ass Glue Presents: Before Your Store Your Boat For The Winter…

About to have your last hurrah on the water for the season? Well, before you pack in your water mobile for the winter, give it a good once over. Any loose parts in the interior that you’ve been meaning to fix all summer? Loose or wobbly cleats on the exterior? Why not save yourself the hassle next spring, and stick ‘em back together now?

Because Sticky Ass Glue is 100% waterproof, fixing just about any loose, wobbly, or flat out broken item on your boat is a cinch. That goes for all types of materials, including wood, brass, fiberglass, aluminum and more, making it a great quick-fix solution for any minor repairs necessary on your kayak, fishing, ski, or pontoon boat. Plus, SAG is sandable, paintable and stainable, so you needn’t worry about minor repairs turning into an eyesore.

Oh and no need to worry if your boat will be exposed to extreme temperatures this winter, SAG has a temperature resistance to -20˚ F.

Got a specific question about repairing your boat before storing it this winter? Give us a holler at glue@stickyassglue.com and we’ll get right back to you with our very best advice.

Thanks again, for moseying on by…..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Do I Need To Use Water With Glue?

Sticky Ass Glue Presents: Do I Need To Use Water With Glue?

A lot of people think that any time you use a polyurethane glue; you need to use water to make the glue work. This isn’t the case with Sticky Ass Glue! In fact, using water is completely optional, except for projects involving plastics or metal, as these non-porous materials carry very little moisture, and SAG requires a bit of moisture to fully cure. For all other projects, moisture from the air, or contained within the materials themselves, will provide the moisture that SAG needs to cure. So, put down the watering can, and the hose. You just don’t need any H2O to get the job done!

Got a specific question about when to use water on a project?

Email us at glue@stickyassglue.com and we’ll get right back to you with our advice.
Thanks again, for moseying on by…..

Friday, September 12, 2008

When Is a Polyurethane Your Best Bet?

Sticky Ass Glue Presents: When Is a Polyurethane Your Best Bet?

Further to our super technical first Sticky Ass Glue blog, we realized that although our description of S.A.G was mind blowingly detailed, y’all might benefit from knowing just when a polyurethane glue is the best adhesive for your needs.

So here’s the skinny:

For projects that must be able to sustain a great deal of stress, polyurethane (S.A.G) is your best bet. While a super glue may be a great fix for a small repair (such as a quick repair on a porcelain figurine, a favorite broken tea cup, or for repairing loose weather stripping on your car); a polyurethane will be your best bet for other projects, both large and small.

Consider that you’re bonding two large pieces of wood. Or you need to repair a broken tile in your shower. Or you’re gluing a leather bowling ball to a belt, as is necessary sometimes. A polyurethane, (considered a structural adhesive) will forge a longer, stronger bond than a super glue. But, it will take longer to set, so it’s best used for projects that will allow for a longer work time. All the same, a polyurethane will be a better choice than epoxy, if you’re not inclined to mix multiple substances. (Don’t get us wrong, epoxies are strong, and excellent in their own right, but they will require that you mix Part A with Part B to achieve your desired bond.)

S.A.G in particular, is also unique in that it will adhere to both porous and non porous substrates (think fiberglass to wood). Moreover, S.A.G is paintable, sandable, and stainable making it a versatile adhesive for your many projects.
Oh, and did we mention that S.A.G is 100% waterproof? That means that neither rain, nor sleet, nor that wintry mix that the Northeast is so famous for, will weaken a S.A.G bond.

Any questions on specific projects? Email us at glue@stickyassglue.com and we’ll get right back to you with our advice.
Thanks again, for moseying on by…..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Starting With the Basics

Sticky Ass Glue Presents: Starting With the Basics
(What is a polyurethane glue anyway?)

Welcome to the first ever - in the history of humanity- Sticky Ass Glue blog entry. We’re glad you’re here. Our goal in creating this blog is to spread the good word of our little donkey buddy, by showing you how to make the most of DIY projects, woodworking, and crafting. We’ll be regularly updating this page with new tips, projects, and flat out cool news (as we see fit). A word to the wise though, if you’re not into creating, fixing, repairing, restoring, or basically contributing anything creative to the world; you’re not likely to enjoy this blog. But for the rest of you cool contributors, let’s start with the basics.

What is a polyurethane glue anyway?

Polyurethane glues are probably among the most versatile and strongest glues out there. As far as polyurethane glues go, Sticky Ass Glue is pretty sweet. S.A.G will bond porous substrates (read: materials) and non-porous substrates. To illustrate, S.A.G will bond fiberglass, wood, stone, pvc ,metal, ceramic, plastic, abs, brick, foams, styrofoam, cardboard, frp board, glass, tile, rubber, concrete, granite, travertine, dry wall and more.
S.A.G is also one of the strongest polyurethanes on the market, as evidenced by independent shear and peel tests. We know that seeing is believing, so check out the results on your own here: http://www.stickyassglue.com/pdfs/SAG_PeelTest.pdf and here: http://www.stickyassglue.com/pdfs/SAG_ShearTest.pdf .
Ok folks, since we’ve been told that blogs are supposed to be short; we’ll end our breakthrough blog now. But check back regularly as we dissect all that is wonderful and good about crafting, hobbies, woodworking, DIY projects, home repairs and naturally, glue.
Thanks for moseying on by.
Until next time,
The Glue Crew